The Crew

More than a cigar shop, its a family of friends

Baxter’s Cigars is more than just a neighborhood cigar shop. Its a family of friends. From the outgoing and warm service-oriented staff, to the colorful regulars. Baxter’s is about people who choose to spend time with others, enjoying fine cigars and great company. Strike up a conversation or watch your favorite sports events. Have a complimentary drink, settle-in and relax. Its all good and its all here.

Joseph Barnett


Arjay Barron

Concigliare, Mother of Dragons

Madie Story

Shop Manager, Emeritus


He's a Dog

Established In 2014

Our Family

More than a cigar shop

We consider our customers family and we believe in treating them as such, Without the domestic troubles, of course. That’s right, we have a sense of humor too.

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